What Are The Characteristics Of Solar Panels

What are the characteristics of solar panels

The solar panel is one of the most important components in the solar power generation system. Its function is to convert the sun's light energy into electrical energy, and then output DC power to be stored in the battery. The conversion rate and service life are important factors that determine whether the solar cell has use value. 36 or 72 polycrystalline silicon solar cells are connected in series to form various types of components of 12V and 24V. The module can be used in various household photovoltaic systems, independent photovoltaic power plants and grid-connected photovoltaic power plants.

Cells are packaged with high-efficiency (above 16.5%) monocrystalline silicon solar cells to ensure sufficient power generation of solar panels. The glass is made of low-iron tempered suede glass (also known as white glass), which has a light transmittance of more than 91% in the wavelength range of the solar cell's spectral response, and has a high reflectance for infrared light greater than 1200 nm. This glass is also resistant to the radiation of solar ultraviolet rays, and the light transmittance does not decrease. EVA uses a high-quality EVA film layer with a thickness of 0.78 mm added with anti-ultraviolet agent, antioxidant and curing agent as the sealant of the solar cell and the connecting agent with glass and TPT. It has high light transmittance and anti-aging ability. The back cover of the TPT solar cell-the fluoroplastic film is white, which reflects the sunlight, so the efficiency of the module is slightly improved, and because of its higher infrared emissivity, it can also reduce the operating temperature of the module Help to improve the efficiency of components. The aluminum alloy frame used in the frame has high strength and strong resistance to mechanical impact. It is also the most valuable part of the solar power system. Its role is to convert the sun's radiation capacity into electrical energy, or send it to the storage battery to store it, or promote the load to work.