What Are The Precautions For Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installation

What are the precautions for photovoltaic solar panel installation

1. Do not install photovoltaic solar panels in shaded areas with trees and buildings. Do not stand near open flames or flammable materials. The assembly structure should be able to adapt to the environmental requirements, please select the appropriate material and anti-corrosion treatment. Use reliable methods to install the components. If the components fall from a height, it will cause damage or interfere with human and financial safety. The component cannot be disassembled, bend or hit the component with a hard object to avoid stepping on the component.

2. Use spring and flat gaskets to fix and lock the photovoltaic solar panel on the bracket. Ground the panel assembly in an appropriate manner according to the site environment and the state of the mounting bracket structure.

3. The photovoltaic solar panel has a pair of male and female waterproof plugs. When making electrical connection in series, the "+" pole plug of the previous component should be connected to the "-" pole plug of the next component. The output circuit must be properly connected to the device. Do not short circuit the positive and negative poles. Make sure there is no gap between the connector and the insulated connector. If there is a gap, it may cause sparks or electrical shock

4. Always check whether the lifting structure is loose, and if necessary, re-tighten the parts. Check the connection of each wire, ground wire and plug.

Precautions for photovoltaic solar panel installation

5. Frequently wipe the surface of the component with a soft cloth. If you really want to replace (generally not needed within 20 years) components, you must use the same type and model. Do not touch the moving parts of cables or connectors with your hands. If you really need them, use appropriate safety equipment. (Insulated tools or gloves, etc.)

6. When servicing the module, please cover the front surface of the module with an opaque object or material, because the module will generate high voltage under the sunlight, which is very dangerous. Quality assurance QualityAssurancePV modules have a 20-year warranty. The power attenuation within 10 years does not exceed 10%, and the power attenuation within 20 years does not exceed 20%. The actual service life of general components exceeds 25 years.

7. The output positive and negative poles of the photovoltaic solar panel must be taken to avoid short circuit before connecting to the controller;

8. The photovoltaic solar panel should be firm and reliable when connected to the support

9. The orientation of the photovoltaic solar panel should be facing south, with a compass pointing. 10 The output line of the solar module should be protected from bareness and secured with cable ties.